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 atelier zuna 




Art textiles created by Atelier Zuna are inspired by nature and working with plants. Zuzana combines slow processes of natural dyeing, botanical printing and stitching to create unique artworks and handcrafted accessories.

With the desire to nourish creativity and our connection to nature and community, Zuzana enjoys sharing her skills with others by facilitating creative experiences.




Short video portrait of my artistic process and inspiration.

Video by Santiago Piqueras - 


Textile artist and maker with a passion for wild colour, Zu(za)na creates abstract artworks using fabric in a painterly way.


Influenced by tradition and a slow approach to making, Zuzana works with a range of techniques including natural dyeing, print and embroidery, creating textile artworks that explore belonging and connection.

Her process of combining, piecing and collaging textiles embraces imperfections. Intuitive use of stitching adds depth and texture. Nature and working with plants inspire her practice and infuse her pieces with a sense of time and place. 


Textiles artworks by atelier zuna are infused with plants, stories, love and a sense of time and place.

Every creation is unique and one off a kind.


Based in London, Zuzana currently works from her home studio.

Zuzana is open to and welcomes commissions, collaborations and custom orders.


She enjoys sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm about botanical dyeing and printing with others by facilitating creative experiences.



Atelier zuna is interested in and enjoys getting involved in collaborations and community projects.

If you think we could work and create together please get in touch.

Atelier zuna's year long collaboration with the House of Bean - 

Organic hemp-cotton blend jersey fabric custom dyed using only natural dyes.



Zuzana Krskova

see or buy handcrafted pieces by atelier zuna by visiting her Etsy shop:


London, UK

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